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Bog Springs Campground
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Bog Springs CampgroundTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Car Camping avatar May 25 2015
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Our first camping trip in 9 years :y: After a couple of weeks of preparation of going through stored gear, buying new gear, and organizing it, Eloise and I were able to depart for an overnighter, leaving the house at about 2:30 pm and arriving about an hour later at the campground. Essentially, this trip was a dry run for more and longer trips in the future.

This was our first time camping here (and Arizona). A few campsites were available. Those of you familiar with Bog Springs know that the campground road is a single loop, which climbs as you go to the rear of the loop, and descends as you exit the campground. The single toilet facility is near the top of the loop. We picked a spot at the at the lower elevation, farthermost away from the bathroom.

What does this all mean? Well, being almost ten years older, now on blood pressure meds (basically a diuretic), and having to drink massive amounts of water to fight off the formation of kidneys stones (especially after 12 stones in 2013 and the resulting 3 lithotripsies), one must carefully consider one's distance and access to a toilet while choosing a campsite, not at 1 AM in the morning when the bladder is screaming for relief, and it's a 1/4 mile walk uphill to el bano. :( And at 2:30 AM. And at 4 AM. And at ...

Otherwise, we had a great time. I was happy with my gear organization, the new Mountain Hardware Optic 3.5 tent was a joy (see short review below), the weather was great, and I didn't make my wife mad at me. I was able to get a short hike in on Tuesday (5/26, separate trip report, Dutch John Spring Trail), and we spent a couple of hours watching birds on the observation deck at the Santa Rita Lodge.

Dinner was at Beyond Bread on the way home.

Total round-trip mileage: 102.0 miles.

GEAR REVIEW: Mountain Hardware Optic 3.5 Backpacking Tent. Described as a 3+ person tent. It was spacious and quite airy, given its four-sided mesh screen construction. There are doors on adjoining sides that roll back to offer huge view and easy access; the rainfly covers these adjoining doors (see photo set) to offer easy access and ventilation. It was easy to put up and take down. The only negative is that the seam on the rainfly tore at the only tie-down point that was not reinforced as well as every other tie-down point on either the rainfly or tent. Odd.

QUESTION: Has anyone ever visited the Old Missile Helipad Site just outside the Madera Canyon entrance. It is marked with official "Area Closed" signs and seems to still be owned by the federal government, but there seems to be some kind of activity going on there on the Google Satellite view.
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Elephant Head Madera Canyon
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