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Cramm Mountain, AZ
mini location map2016-01-03
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Cramm Mountain, AZ 
Cramm Mountain, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 03 2016
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Hiked down Cave Creek Trail #4 about 2.5 miles from the Seven Springs area and then went off trail up to the top of Cramm Mountain. The trail is in good shape and was easy hiking until I had to go off trail after crossing the creek. The creek is picturesque here where it cascades through a series of pools. After a short scramble up a 10 ft high "cliff" it was just a steep hike to the top steering clear of the occasional cats claw and cactus. The views from Cramm Mtn were spectacular and allowed me to check out the tops of many nearby hills for Indian ruins (none seen) saving me a lot of wasted effort in future explorations. On the way back I came down an old mining road that went to within about 50 yards of the creek making it the preferred route for any future trips to Cramm Mtn.

Cramm Mountain has had a lot of mining activity over the years. The first claim, called the "Emerald Lode" was made by Richard Cramm and his partner Edward Doheny in 1877. The name came from the emerald green pools of water in Cave Creek at the base of the mountain. Doheny didn't stick around but Cramm settled down at the base of the hill which would later bear his name. Cramm stayed at his camp for a number of years but never patented the Emerald Lode and it was eventually abandoned. (info from the book, "Cave Creek and Carefree, Arizona A History of the Desert Foothills" by Frances C. Carlson). However, others soon took over the site. A report from the ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF MINES AND MINERAL RESOURCES FILE dated April 5,1917 on the "Cramm Mountain Group" states there were 22 claims totaling 440 acres. A mine shaft had been dug 500 ft into the hillside with an air shaft extending 175 ft to the surface. This report which assesses the potential value of the claims gives a glowing recommendation for further development of the property based on assay sample returns (copper and gold) and the proximity of the site to a railroad to be constructed from Clarksdale along the Verde River to Mesa and the availability of cheap hydroelectric power which could be obtained by damming Cave Creek. Somehow I don't think that ever happened. I can find no evidence that this site ever had a profitable producing mine for any significant length of time although there was still interest as late as 1994. I may have found the location of the mine shaft described in this report and in a later report from the 1950s but the entrance was covered with a huge pile of rocks. The reports I've read of mines in the cave creek area makes me think the only big profits made by most of the mines were from money taken from investors, not ore taken from the ground.
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