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Estrella Ridge- North from Quartz peak, AZ
mini location map2016-01-09
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Estrella Ridge- North from Quartz peak, AZ 
Estrella Ridge- North from Quartz peak, AZ
Backpack avatar Jan 09 2016
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Hiked up the Quartz peak trail starting at sunset Saturday. We followed the trail til near the top and then veered left (north) to the nearest saddle. From there we circled around the back side of quartz peak and found an excellent campsite. We had food and coffee and went to sleep. We awoke to rain on and off but thankfully it stopped by around 8am. By 9 we were off to head north to a prominent, but unnamed (to the best of my knowledge) peak somewhere about halfway between quartz and hayes. After a mile or so of going up and down rugged peaks (4 peaks mother lode-esque) that looked like well rounded paths on google earth my hiking partner realized he had dropped an expensive piece of gear somewhere along the way. He opted to head back and look for it. I offered to head back with him but he insisted I continued. He even offered to pack up camp so I could take a more direct descent (I know, what a guy!)

The rest of the climb was fairly arduous but pretty straight forward (maybe like superstition ridgeline but no trail). Nice views to each side, small climbs, small descents. The final climb to the peak was awesome and just challenging and exposed enough to be interesting. From the top I considered whether I could make it to Hayes/4512 and back to the road before dark...with dark clouds starting to form on one of the peaks south of Hayes I opted to descend directly down the gully/drainage just NW of the peak. It took about 3 hours to get back to the road but wasn't a terrible climb.

All around a good day of hiking, cloudy enough that I didn't burn through my water. We found a large water cache at an undisclosed location on the ridge (if its yours don't worry- not only did we not use your water we left an additional half gallon with your stash). I look forward to completing the whole ridge in a single hike soon.

Lastly, I noticed there was no GPS tracks for this segment on hikeaz so I brought mine along and barring any technical difficulty will have attached it and photos to this triplog
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