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Estrella Ridgeline Loop with Hayes Peak, AZ
mini location map2014-02-20
46 by photographer avatarJuanJaimeiii
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Estrella Ridgeline Loop with Hayes Peak, AZ 
Estrella Ridgeline Loop with Hayes Peak, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 20 2014
Hiking12.10 Miles 5,535 AEG
Hiking12.10 Miles   8 Hrs   45 Mns   1.59 mph
5,535 ft AEG   1 Hour   7 Mns Break
1st trip
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Grueling, Intense, Rugged, Serene, Enlightening... These are all words that describe the Sierra Estrella Ridgeline. Today I continued on my quest to traverse the entire range. Today's hike covered the section from where Spiderlegs (James) and I stopped heading south, then I hit Hayes Peak, and continued on to where JohnLP and I dropped down.

For those wanting to do this one I can't stress enough to do it on a cooler day and expect it to be a long one. There is no such thing as speed travel anywhere on this ridgeline. The journey was worth every step and every drop of blood.

I started out just before 9am and headed out following the track I made in Route Manager. Up I went to the last place I had been. Along the way I found several pottery shards. Up on the range I found my mylar balloon marker from where I last stopped. Then it was game on. I headed across the ridgeline making sure to stay as close to it as physically possible. I only cliffed out once. Along the way I would hit all the high points just for good measure. As I was heading towards Hayes Peak (Sierra Estrella Peak to some) I found a cave where someone had been digging several years ago. Shovel and bucket were still inside.

In time I hit the high point and then made my way over to my stopping spot on the other end. JohnLP and I had hiked to this point from Quartz Peak last year. Once there it was time to head down a side ridge to the road and then back to the Jeep. On the way down I took a tumble. I did a full end over end and smacked my elbow and knee really hard. I lay on the ground for a minute making sure all was okay. Yep just blood and bruises so back to traveling down I went. I finally made it to the road at 5pm and then it was a breezy two miles back to my starting point.

I am not one to take tons of photos but somehow I ended up with 150 on this trip. I looked through them and was going to narrow it down to 15 or so. When looking at them I realized that this trip was one to a place rarely visited. With that in mind I am posting several for you to enjoy and experience today's Sierra Estrella Ridgeline Odyssey with me.

I have now traversed from the Estrella Regional Park all the way to Montezuma Peak south. From there to the southern end is all that remains. :D
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