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Peak 3650 - Sierra Estrella, AZ
mini location map2014-11-01
8 by photographer avatarsbkelley
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Peak 3650 - Sierra Estrella, AZ 
Peak 3650 - Sierra Estrella, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 01 2014
Hiking4.40 Miles 2,200 AEG
Hiking4.40 Miles   6 Hrs   10 Mns   0.71 mph
2,200 ft AEG
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So close to town, and so rugged. The Sierra Estrella never disappoints. Nice breezy and cloudy day was welcome. We started climbing up off of the Pederson Trail. The slope was pretty gentle initially, but that changes fast. We hiked up a deep incised drainage for a short while, before escaping to a slope on the south of the wash. In and out of side-washes we went for a short bit, and then it wasn't gentle anymore. The mountain gets steeper and more rugged the closer you get to the top, but at least up high, the rock is solid. Route-finding is very straight-forward. Excellent views of the Valley and south to the main part of the range. Cool area. Enjoyed a Winter Lager on top to ring in "winter," before descending to the valley below and to Saddle Mountain Brewery.
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Sierra Estrella
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