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Almost Powers Garden, AZ
mini location map2016-01-16
18 by photographer avatarjohnny88
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Almost Powers Garden, AZ 
Almost Powers Garden, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 16 2016
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I had planned on this trip being a backpack to Powers Garden; however, after seeing the amount of snow and slop still out there, I decided to turn it into a car-camping and day-hiking trip. I drove into the Deer Creek trailhead on Friday night and got caught in an unexpected rain/snow storm. The road in was muddy in some spots and fine in others. It was gouged in the muddy spots by a set of deep tire tracks. Overnight low was in the upper 20s - enough to freeze the mud and make walking around camp easy.

General theme of the trail: lots of water! The Deer Creek Trailhead had a small river running through it. I drove through the river, parked my car, and set off on the trail to Powers Garden via Mud Spring and a short section of Sycamore Canyon. We started the hike around 8am. Up until about Mud Spring, the trail alternated from frozen mud to solid sheets of ice to snow and back to frozen mud. There was about a 20' section of trail near the first gate which was dry :) Every little creek/drainage had a strong flow of water in it. Very cool - I've never seen these flowing before.

After Mud Spring, the trail steepens and the snow picked up. I would guess snow depth averaged around 4'' - 6''. Some shaded areas had me post-holing almost to my knees. My dog bulldozed her way through these parts. After briefly going the wrong way at the saddle, we hiked down into Sycamore Canyon. Again, lots of water here. And lots of snow and ice. We turned around near the "Dam" on the map and hiked back to the trailhead.

While the dog and I were hiking through the snow, the first couple miles of icy trail melted and turned to mud. It was nice to get back to the car, put on some dry shoes, and enjoy the rest of the afternoon out there.
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