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Reavis Ranch via 109 North
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mini location map2013-03-16
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Reavis Ranch via 109 NorthGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 16 2013
Hiking18.60 Miles 2,824 AEG
Hiking18.60 Miles
2,824 ft AEG23 LBS Pack
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After my last attempt at getting to Reavis Ranch was thwarted by rain, I returned a couple weekends ago to make the hike. My dog and I got off to an early start and didn't see any one on the trail until we passed by a couple of backpackers breaking down camp just after the turnoff for Reavis Falls. I was surprised by how much green grass there was around the trail in this section. There were also a few parts of trail which had small streams of water running down them, I'm guessing a result of the previous weekend's rain/snow.

As we rounded our way past Castle Dome, I was glad to have a little shade before descending to Windy Pass. It looked like there were a couple of good spots to camp near Windy Pass, and the creek along the trail in this section had some good water in it. I decided to stop and take a snack break under some trees near the water and it was here that I found a full length reclining lawn chair. I am amazed at what people bring with them on the trail - what could this guy have been thinking??

After the break, we made good progress to Reavis Ranch. Once we were within about a mile, a scout troop and a couple small groups of backpackers passed us on their way out. I guess every one hit the trail at about the same time. I was relieved to find water in Reavis Creek as well as shade on the trail. Although it was only in the upper 60s or low 70s, the shadeless trail on the way in felt pretty hot to me, so this was a nice change.

I walked along the trail for about another half mile, exploring various parts of the Reavis Ranch area. I can see why it's a popular place - there's nice water, dozens of large camp sites, shade, and good scenery. It would be a nice place to spend a day or two and hike the surrounding the trails. Unfortunately, I only had 1 night, so I hiked back a bit further North and found a nice place to set up camp near Reavis Creek. That night, my little thermometer would record a low of 37 degrees. A little unexpected given that it got up to almost 80 during the day, but I stayed warm nonetheless.

I got up, had breakfast, and packed up camp in the dark. I wanted to get an early start back to beat the heat (not sure how I'm going to survive this summer in Phoenix...) and we hit the trail again just after it was light out. Without hiking too quickly, we made good progress all morning, although the last 2 or 3 miles seemed to go on forever. After passing several backpackers near the trailhead, we arrived back at the car again, ready to return home.
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