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Lost Goldmine to Mushroom Rock, AZ
mini location map2016-01-20
13 by photographer avatarvanman
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Lost Goldmine to Mushroom Rock, AZ 
Lost Goldmine to Mushroom Rock, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 20 2016
Hiking8.50 Miles 1,350 AEG
Hiking8.50 Miles   7 Hrs      1.42 mph
1,350 ft AEG   1 Hour    Break
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1st trip
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Took Lost Goldmine from Hiero TH and went east of Turks Head, well past Mushroom Rock. Headed way off trail to check out one of the breaks in the cliff. (I was hoping to go up and come out east of 3915. Got close but will have to check for something better.) Worked my way over to Mushroom Rock from there. Came back down to LG Trail and went around the north side of Turks to get some shade. Got a nice moon rise to finish the day.
Named place
Named place
Turks Head - Superstition Boundary
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