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Spur Cross to Elephant Mountain Trail, AZ
mini location map2016-01-24
12 by photographer avatarSteveHall
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Spur Cross to Elephant Mountain Trail, AZ 
Spur Cross to Elephant Mountain Trail, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 24 2016
Hiking7.00 Miles 856 AEG
Hiking7.00 Miles   3 Hrs   20 Mns   2.10 mph
856 ft AEG
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We started at the Spur Cross Trailhead Just above the parking area. They have done some trail work and added a couple of porta potties so they charge $3 a person to enter the conservation area. The Spur Cross trail splits at the trailhead with one going NW and one going NE. We took the NW trail. At 0.3 miles just after we crossed the creek (it is running right now) the trail breaks left as we pass the Metate trail. Soon after we passed the Metate trail there is an old building foundation on the right. After 0.4 more miles we passed the first intersection of the Tortuga loop and the trail starts to zig zag. 0.8 more miles until we reached the other intersection with the Tortuga loop. We then followed the Tortuga loop North (the trail gets a little rougher here) for 0.5 miles where we reached the Elephant Mountain Trail. After 0.2 miles the Elephant Mountain trail Breaks left and starts down a fairly steep hill. There are some old wood steps in this part of the trail. We then found our self in a wash which we would follow a ways before heading up toward Ringneck Spring. We decided to turn back at this point. After backtracking to the intersection of Spur Cross trail we decided to take Dragonfly trail down to the Jewel. Somewhere in the first half of the 0.9 mile section on Dragonfly to the creek, there is a basalt rock to the right of the trail with an old petroglyph. Keep your eye out for it when coming from the North because the face is more toward the south (my Father walked right past it). When we reached the Jewel there was lots to see. More trees grow along the creek here and it is just a great place to rest if you need to. We came across a cave on the left of the trail as well. Dragonfly trailhead isn't far from here. It was a real nice day and a fun hike. Next up will probably be to summit Elephant Mountain.
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