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Battleship Lasso Loop from Canyon Lake TH, AZ
mini location map2016-04-24
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Battleship Lasso Loop from Canyon Lake TH, AZ 
Battleship Lasso Loop from Canyon Lake TH, AZ
Hiking12.18 Miles 2,827 AEG
Hiking12.18 Miles   7 Hrs   8 Mns   1.95 mph
2,827 ft AEG      53 Mns Break
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I have been looking to complete a loop around Battleship Mountain for some time. I attempted one the first part of this year, but the water was really flowing down LaBarge Creek that day. So today, I finally remedied that!

I have been down the Boulder Creek trail many times but always turned around at the creek. I started out about 6am. Not many hikers out early today. Going up that hill always gets the heart rate up, but the views at the top of the hill are always amazing.

Once I got to the creek bed, it was all new territory for me. I used the Battleship from Canyon Lake Trail Head GPS track to guide me around the back. The trail was easy to follow, even though it criss-crossed the creek several times. I kept an eye out for the trail that would take me up and over the back saddle, but I never saw one. I hiked an extra 1/2 mile along the trail before I noticed I had missed it. So, I turned around and hiked back, keeping my eye on the gps track. I still never found an obvious trail heading up, so I just picked a line of attack to the ridge line knowing I would eventually see LaBarge Canyon. BYOT over there (Bring your own trail!) ;) My eventual track basically matched the gps track I was following.

With that portion of the hike completed, I was looking forward to entering into La Barge Canyon. There was a nice big pool at the beginning and I hiked in about a mile before turning back towards the way out. I really loved seeing the walls of the canyon, very impressive. The hike up along the creek was lots of boulder hopping and river rock to navigate.

I made it back to the Boulder Canyon Trail and started the long hike up. I saw 4-5 hiking parties going the other way. Getting kinda hot for me to start this type of hike in the afternoon. Earlier morning is the way to go if you are doing a longer hike.

This loop surprised me with a few things. One, the Boulder Canyon trail south of the creek is a little overgrown, but still easy to follow. Two, there was more bushwhacking/route following that I expected. Three, it was steeper than I expected. All of those added up to an excellent hike today. I have the sore knees and caves to show for it.

Next time I do this hike, I will just keep going along the Battleship Mountain ridgeline and hit the summit.
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