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Santa Ynez Cyn to Hub Jct, CA
mini location map2016-07-30
22 by photographer avatarastrobrewer
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Santa Ynez Cyn to Hub Jct, CA 
Santa Ynez Cyn to Hub Jct, CA
Hiking avatar Jul 30 2016
Hiking10.08 Miles 2,084 AEG
Hiking10.08 Miles   4 Hrs   40 Mns   2.46 mph
2,084 ft AEG      34 Mns Break
1st trip
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Hike starts out at the bottom of the Santa Ynez Canyon. Lots of trees and bushes keep it shady and cool. Near the trailhead there is a sign warning about poison oak, and in the shady canyon there is poison oak everywhere! There was so much poison oak it was a little nerve wracking. Normally I look around, but you don't want to take a step off the narrow trail in the wrong place or you could easily find yourself knee deep in poison oak. Passing people on the trail took some planning. But still, it's a very pretty trail.

A half mile in there is a posted turn off to the Waterfall Trail. I decided to leave that for the way back so I'd have more time on the main trail. After another half mile or so the trail takes a turn at a large sandstone wall and starts going uphill. You follow a ridge line as it climbs out of the canyon heading North. This part of the trail was in the sun and it was hot with very little breeze. There were a few shady spots along the way that I took advantage of to catch my breath. Eventually after a long uphill slog you get to the Eagle Springs Fire Road. Trippet Ranch, a popular trailhead, is a few hundred yards downhill to the left, and Eagle Rock and the Hub Junction are uphill to the right.

The fire road starts out fairly steep. I had hoped that once I got to the fire road it would be easy walking, but no it's pretty steep, especially the very beginning. After some long uphill stretches you get to a plateau and get a view of Eagle Rock. Then the fire road goes downhill for a ways to the Eagle Springs junction which has the Musch Trail to the left which heads back to Trippet Ranch, and two fire road options that both go to the Hub. The one to the left goes around Eagle Rock and has access to the top of the Rock, and that's the one I took. It's a steep uphill fire road. A sign and a couple of trash cans mark the side trail to Eagle Rock which takes you to just below the top of the rock. I took the obligatory selfie and continued on the fire road to the Hub.

The Hub has a shaded bench, but I didn't think that there would be any breeze, so I opted for the sunny bench overlooking the Hub which had a consistent cool sea breeze. After a short rest I took the other trail back down to Eagle Junction. This one doesn't go to Eagle Rock, it is a ways below the bottom of the Rock. Just below Eagle Rock is a sign for Eagle Spring. I followed the narrow and overgrown trail back into a shady heavily wooded area. The ground was covered with a thick layer of dry leaves which was fun. I was glad to be hiking alone with nobody to laugh at me falling on my butt. There was no water at the Spring, so I continued back down the fire road to the Santa Ynez Canyon trail. I thought about taking the Waterfall Trail when I got there, but it was hot, my phone battery was dying, and so I bagged that. I'm sure there wouldn't have been any water, but I'd still like to check it out. I'll make sure that I leave time for that one next time.

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No water.
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