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Tokopah Valley Trail - Sequoia NP
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mini location map2016-09-14
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Tokopah Valley Trail - Sequoia NPSierra Nevada, CA
Sierra Nevada, CA
Hiking avatar Sep 14 2016
Hiking4.22 Miles 701 AEG
Hiking4.22 Miles   1 Hour   34 Mns   2.98 mph
701 ft AEG      9 Mns Break
1st trip
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Quick warm up hike after setting up base camp at Lodgepole Campground before heading to Pear Lake. Very pretty walk through the forest following the Marble Fork of the Kaweah River upstream to the end of the Tokopah Valley. Lots of squirrels running around. The trail goes to the end of the valley where the river drops down from the high country as Tokopah Falls. The falls were nearly completely dry with just a small trickle coming down the granite wall. The On the opposite side of the river near the end of the trail is The Watchtower, an impressive granite formation with sheer vertical walls that stands over 1500' above the valley.
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Named place
Tokopah Falls Tokopah Valley

water 1 out of 5water less than maxwater less than maxwater less than max Tokopah Falls Pools to trickle Pools to trickle
Just a trickle visible.
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