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Temescal Ridge Trail
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mini location map2017-02-05
20 by photographer avatarastrobrewer
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Temescal Ridge TrailLos Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Hiking avatar Feb 05 2017
Hiking8.53 Miles 2,092 AEG
Hiking8.53 Miles   3 Hrs   23 Mns   2.53 mph
2,092 ft AEG      1 Min Break
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I wanted to go all the way to the hub junction, but got off to a late start and wanted to get back for the start of the Super Bowl. First thing I noticed at the start of the hike was that there was water flowing from the stream into the storm drain near Sunset Blvd. That's something that I haven't seen in many many years. The ground was damp and I was concerned that the trail might be a big muddy slip and slide like it was last fall when I hiked it. That time I had my trekking poles and even so had a hard time staying on my feet on some parts of the trail. But it wasn't bad this time. There was none of the usual dust and loose dirt on the trail, and that made it much nicer to walk on. There were a couple muddy spots along the way, but they were no problem.

It was an overcast day, and the trail went up into the clouds past Skull Rock which was cool (both visually and temperature wise). As usual the hike up Temescal Ridge trail had lots of people up to Skull Rock, and after that hardly anyone. The trail sign at the junction of the Temescal Fire Road and the Trailer Canyon Fire Roadshowed 2.1 miles to the Hub and 3.9 miles back to Sunset. I didn't have time to make it to the Hub so that was my turn around point.

On the way down I took the Temescal Canyon Trail so I could check out the waterfall. I could hear the waterfall from a distance as I approached it which was really cool. It was flowing very nicely as expected and there were a lot of people at the bridge commenting on how long it's been since they've seen that much water. I stopped and took a few photos before continuing the rest of the way. All in all a great hike.
wildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observation
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Lots of clusters of little white flowers on bushes all over the hills, predominantly on the South facing slopes.

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Waterfall was running pretty well. Stream had water all the way down to Sunset Blvd. Map marker for this water source indicates storm drain exit at beach which I didn't see myself, but since water was flowing into the storm drain at Sunset it should be flowing out at the beach.
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