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Telegraph-Kiwanis-Holbert-Natl Loop, AZ
mini location map2017-01-08
7 by photographer avatarastrobrewer
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Telegraph-Kiwanis-Holbert-Natl Loop, AZ 
Telegraph-Kiwanis-Holbert-Natl Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 08 2017
Hiking10.81 Miles 2,262 AEG
Hiking10.81 Miles   5 Hrs   5 Mns   2.26 mph
2,262 ft AEG      18 Mns Break
1st trip
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First hike of 2017. I picked this route because I had wanted to hike the Holbert Trail. I started going up Telegraph Pass trail. I used to use this trailhead for most of my SoMo hiking, but it's been a year or two since the last time I hiked it. First thing is that there are a lot of people on the Telegraph Pass trail. A lot more than I'm used to. It's an otherwise decent trail, but there were a lot of people and dogs all over the place. But it's only a mile and a quarter so no big deal. From the top of Telegraph Pass I took Kiwanis Trail down the other side of the mountain. There weren't very many people on Kiwanis and it's not so steep that you have to carefully watch the trail to make sure you don't slip and fall. Kiwanis is a nice pretty stroll down a canyon.

From the trailhead at the bottom of Kiwanis I continued further North along Las Lomitas trail, and then headed East on Box Canyon Loop trail which runs along the flat at the base of the North side of South Mountain. The trail is easy to follow because there's a rut a few inches deep and a couple feet wide worn into the dirt from horse traffic. The trail also runs parallel to an accessible (paved) trail which goes past the visitors/education center. Also, there are huge parking lots North of the trail, but they were fairly empty today despite the mild and pleasant weather.

Eventually you get to the Holbert Trailhead and head away from the parking lots into South Mountain again. The first half mile is fairly level, but then it start climbing. You gain about 1000' over the next mile and a half. Also, Holbert Trail is at least as crowded as Telegraph Pass if not more. Lots of groups with little kids and dogs on the trail. Eventually after a long climb there is a trail that branches off to the right to Dobbin's Lookout. I stopped there and rested for a bit and enjoyed the panoramic view of Phoenix. Then I headed back down to Holbert Trail and continued South towards National Trail. It seems that just about all the people who hike Holbert stop at Dobbin's Lookout because I only ran into a couple of people going the opposite direction the rest of the way until I reached the top of Telegraph Pass.

Overall it was a nice route. I might try going around the loop the other direction next time just for fun.
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