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Baby Jesus Trail from Catalina State Park
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mini location map2016-09-01
1 by photographer avatarMountain_Rat
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Baby Jesus Trail from Catalina State ParkTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 01 2016
Hiking12.03 Miles 2,070 AEG
Hiking12.03 Miles   4 Hrs   3 Mns   2.97 mph
2,070 ft AEG9 LBS Pack
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Probably should have stayed in bed :/

I arrived at the Catalina State Park entry at 7 sharp. "Huh, no host" I thought to myself. This was not good in that I had only a $20 & $5 bill with me. Either I would go fighting rush hour traffic, or root around in the seat for change, then in a worst case, wait 5 or 10 minutes for the shack to open up. By 20 after, I had found, scraped and deglazed enough change to round out the 7 bucks I needed to enter and on I went. Upon arrival at the trailhead, I saw the host (with hubby and dog) finishing up their morning stroll. I politely pointed out her tardiness and was informed that she is retired and doesn't really adhere to a schedule, to which I replied :?

Well, now that she had my attention, she wanted to know where I planned to go today. I told her that I planned to do the Baby Jesus as an out and back. Her opinion was that I couldn't possibly accomplish such a feat in a single day in this heat, and that she would be calling SARA for sure. She went on to tell me that she once hiked from Mt Lemmon back down to the park and it nearly killed her. Now fully engaged in this, I came back with my intent to make my annual out and back of the same. She assured me of the impossibility of said trek, and I assured her that I had done so before. Her response was, and this is no shit, 'well you must be really tall then'(and yes, she was dead serious), to which I responded :lol: and I just had to walk away.

So anyway, I went on to do my hike, but after my 3rd 'invisible' rattler encounter (the grass is unreal out there), I called off the mission about 1-1/2 mile short of the end. The bulk of the Baby Jesus is grassed over right now, so it was quite a nail biter heading back. I did see one rattler and got a pic to post. Real pretty snake. Not sure what kind. Good to be out :)
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