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Rio Vista Peak 2802', AZ
mini location map2016-09-12
5 by photographer avatarMountainMatt
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Rio Vista Peak 2802', AZ 
Rio Vista Peak 2802', AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 12 2016
Hiking5.62 Miles 1,058 AEG
Hiking5.62 Miles   2 Hrs   3 Mns   3.09 mph
1,058 ft AEG      14 Mns Break20 LBS Pack
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Worked all weekend so I had a rare chance to get off work early today which made for another close to home quick peak bag. Finally got around to buying my State Land Trust Permit and boy is that the best $15 you can ever spend! :y:
Ive been examining the mountain ranges that are nearby to my house rather extensively lately and came up with a decent list of random but unique desert peaks to summit.

I had original plans of summiting the very intriguing Sweat Peak but the road that I came from that was closest to my house was a bit rockier and rougher than I had imagined, not to mention an abundance of cholla cactus buds were scattered everywhere so I decided to make a quick change of plans and bag Doe Peak instead. With that being said there are many other options to get to SP as long as you have your permit of course, also don't go without me if you plan on going since that sucker has my name on it until I summit it! Once I set my mind on something of high interest it's very hard to turn away my attention until the mission is fully accomplished, I'm weird like that! I'll probably be back tommorow night or very soon to bag that beauty since it's already bugging me! : rambo :

Anyway with that being said I did not even bag Doe Peak because during my walk along the forest roads and an actual official portion of the Black Canyon Trail System my eyes were soon fixated on the much larger and taller Peak 2802'. Not sure why this peak is left unamed since it dominates the surrounding terrain much more than little Ol Doe.
Doe may have a little more prominence but 2802' takes up much more land mass and I say it deserves a nickname or something!
Since I was on my way to Doe and not intentionlly going to 2802' I realized I probably took the steepest way up it after reviewing the topo map and noticing literally all other sides of the mountain were much more gradual in gain. It was still a very easy climb with plenty nice clean pathways of no cacti or debris and it consisted of hard shale type rock or some shit like that, similar to the nearby Gavilan Peak for those that have been there.
I did run into a mean almost impassable dense forest of good Ol Teddy Cholla just about 100 yards from the summit from my direction of travel and my eagerness left both my calves impaled quite nicely with fat nuggets of teddy. Its not a good off trail hike unless you get a couple nicks of course! :wlift:
Views up there were as sweet as a can of peaches and the setting sun was the icing on the cake! Found the register, it had around 8-10 names on it, I did not notice any HAZ members but of course the legend herself Barbs Lilly was on it and of course she supplied the new jar! :worthy:
Camera stayed in the pack the whole time and I went down the same way I came even though it would have been much easier to hop the ridge to the east and return from there via the connecting FR road but I was losing daylight and my headlamp is a joke, but I did not mind the quiet isolated walk back, it's surprisingly a very nice area of desert out there. Finished off the night under the soft moonlight glow all while listening to the pleasing harmony of nearby howling coyotes, it was definitely a couple of well spent hours in my new desert playground.

***side note
I bought my SLT Permit to be able to hike around this area because from understanding after reviewing the land ownership parcel viewer map it was all State Trust Land but im confused how the official Black Canyon Trail runs through it? Is it public land just on the BC Trail itself and anything off trail you need the SLT permit? I'm just curious how that all works if someone can clarify....
Also the area I parked and drove from and on had no SLT signs whatsoever, just two "No Shooting" signs with literally no other lettering on them.
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