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Orion Peak - Wickenburg Mountains
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mini location map2016-09-18
8 by photographer avatarMountainMatt
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Orion Peak - Wickenburg MountainsPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 18 2016
Hiking1.88 Miles 471 AEG
Hiking1.88 Miles   1 Hour   6 Mns   2.82 mph
471 ft AEG      26 Mns Break15 LBS Pack
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Really filling the void of not going on a big trip this weekend and set out for yet another quick and eay off-trail random desert peak bag.

Originally headed to Hiero 2682 which resides next to English Wells which is just north of Highway 74 & 211th ave but I ran into private property about a mile from its base. I had stopped by the area before and the signs along the highway stated SLT area so I figured I was fine but while there I did a quick online view of the land ownership parcel map and I realized the small portion that Hiero 2682 lies on is private property for some odd reason. No structures, property, ranch or anything of significance on sat view resides within the area so I'm curious to know why it's pp.
With the day coming to an end I quickly looked at my map and noticed another random little peak labeled Orion that I had interest in was only 9 miles away so I hopped back in my SUV and sped away, well dropped it back into 4Low that is and climbed up the many obstacles on the road back out, fun stuff! :DANCE:

Made it near the base of Orion just before 6pm with just enough time to make it to the top and back down with natural light. Out of all the random desert peaks I've hiked this past week this one is my favorite by far!
The mountains geoolgy consists of some kind of unique jagged reddish rock that has numerous caves and crevices all throughout it. There was also a surprising bonus along the eastern base of the mountain, it is a rather picturesque large water tank and a nice little basin area created by man but fed by the many large washes that flow into it.
From there I just aimed for the break in the saddle just below Orion's summit and quickly made my way up. The consistency of the terrain was a dream compared to yesterday's crumbly ascent on Pyarmid Peak.
About 100 yards out from the summit is when a fun and easy scramble begins, so easy in fact that I choose to have fun and do a little exposed class 3 climbing that was a more direct way to the top and as said before the rock was so solid and stable compared to other mountains I've been on lately so it made this even more enjoyable!

I may say adjectives like spectacular and beautiful a lot but the Orion summit views were downright righteous! 8)
I can understand why it was a triangulation station back in the day, clear uninterrupted views for miles and miles in every direction! I could have sat up there forever to soak it all in and as always utilize the elavation to scout out future trips around that area but I was losing light with every mintue. Pristine summit conditions showed signs of not many visitors and the summit register backed that up, last signed ascent was in 2011 and the register location is hard to miss.
Enjoyed this one so much I will definitely be back to play around and explore, I figure 3,975 in AEG and 17.45 miles of off-trail hiking in the past 6 days are the equivalent to one typical big trip so I guees I got my outdoor fix for the time being... : rambo :

***Orion's HP is 2625 ft in elavation and I'm not sure whether it belongs to the Wickenburg Mountains or Hieroglyphics, it's unclear when viewing the topo map.
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