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Arrow Canyon, NM
mini location map2017-02-12
12 by photographer avatarimike
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Arrow Canyon, NM 
Arrow Canyon, NM
Hiking avatar Feb 12 2017
Hiking3.00 Miles 600 AEG
Hiking3.00 Miles
600 ft AEG
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With the forecast for rain and cold, I headed out early on my bike for the twelve mile ride to the trailhead. 66 degrees at 6am! I rode past Mary's house; her truck was gone... and sure enough, she was already up working on the trail. We'd scheduled this trail for Monday. With freezing rain and wind forecast thru Tuesday, today just seemed a better choice.

Working together we managed to finish the new trail just as the wind and rain blew in. Blustery bike ride home with scattered rain... 49 degrees by the time I was back.

2pm afternoon Beginner's hike is liable to have no Beginners! ...may end up being a solo outing! Oh, well. If the rain backs off I may heads over early for trail work over there?

Arrow Canyon now has a great and ready access, right from the street. Arrow North with its exceptional cathedral amphitheatre... Left Cut...Mid Falls both bedrock walkways up to some great rock... and the various Arrow South cuts, Including the South Ridge Rock Garden... Rebecca's Cut... and more...

Guess I need to complete the writeups on all those hikes!
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