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Lawson Spring North Fork, NM
mini location map2017-02-16
25 by photographer avatarimike
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Lawson Spring North Fork, NM 
Lawson Spring North Fork, NM
Canyoneering avatar Feb 16 2017
Canyoneering6.60 Miles 1,700 AEG
Canyoneering6.60 Miles
1,700 ft AEG
Basic Canyoneering - Scrambling; easy climbing/downclimbing; frequent hand use; rope recommended; easy exit
 no routes
1st trip
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wow... I'd forgotten how exceptional Lawson Springs drainage was... providing a bit of everything. Water, Big dryfalls, lots of bedrock...challenging scrambles. So nice that we'll be offering it as an alternative route to this Saturdays group hike... splitting the too large group for the morning hike. Mary will lead the Springs group.

After enjoying the Springs, we ambled up and around... then down into Dog Canyon bottom. We did a bit of exploring and plotting for future hikes, then enjoyed the greening Riparian area.

We checked out the potential for a more dramatic exit for Devil Dog second group hike this Saturday... proved too dangerous so did not set any ropes... We'll exit up and out Kongs Krack.

Great bit of hiking!
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90+° 8am - 6pm kills
Avoid Heat Illness - stay cool
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