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Geronimo Canyon
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mini location map2007-12-16
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Geronimo CanyonPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking0.80 Miles 200 AEG
Hiking0.80 Miles   1 Hour   26 Mns   0.56 mph
200 ft AEG
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1st trip
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I disagree with Joe re: "It's unlikely you'll ever want to take on this mini adventure." This hike has great photo opportunities--especially when there's water flowing. ( I took 93.) It's not worth a trip just for it but it's a good companion hike with the La Barge Canyon View hike. The trailheads are close together and my endpoints on both hikes were only 0.3 miles apart.

Joe's "mini boxed in slot" was a water fall with several knee high pools of water below it.

Surprising for the closeness of this hike to the road and Tortilla Flat, I didn't see any trash. (Maybe the rains washed all the trash away.)

I didn't have to do any creek bed hiking. I took the use trail on the east bank the whole way. It's overgrown in places and sometimes hard to follow but there are a few cairns here and there.

I had lots of problems taking photos due to lens flare. Most of the scenery is up and to the south--very close to the low the December sun. I found that if I took two photos of the same scene the flares are in different spots. I then photo-merged them in Photoshop 10. This aligns them and Photoshop tends to use the content and ignore the flare.

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