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Reavis Falls Hike
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Reavis Falls HikeGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 02 2007
Hiking14.00 Miles 4,000 AEG
Hiking14.00 Miles   10 Hrs      1.40 mph
4,000 ft AEG
1st trip
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I made the trip to Reavis Falls within 24 hours of the area receiving an inch or two of rain. I've put off this hike for several years waiting for a conveniently timed rain. I wish I hadn't waited. This is a neat area even without recent rain.

There is an easy to follow path from the turn-off along the Reavis Ranch trail until you get to Reavis Creek. There were only two spots on the path that were hard to follow. One on a flat spot with a lot of game trails above the Ruins and then leaving the ruins themselves. I'll clean up and post the GPS track of my return trip which will be all "path".

The Reavis Creek portion took a lot longer than I expected. Allow about 2 hours RT plus whatever time you spend at the falls. This was partly due to the water but mostly a lot of recently fallen leaves. I recommend trekking poles since the footing on the leaf covered rocks and flood debris is so uncertain. Poles also come in handing when crossing the creek--although there was hardly any slippery moss. I had to cross maybe 6 times each way. Most of the crossings were knee deep or less.

On the way to the falls, take careful note of the start of the return trail when you first descend to Reavis creek. The first 10 feet of the trail aren't obvious even when you know you're on top of the trail. There were a pair of jeans hanging in a tree on this trip at the exit from the creek.

Take dry socks to wear on the hike out and a head lamp in case you don't make it to the trailhead before dark.

The trailhead is a long drive from the valley. I went by way of Globe in case the Apache trail was closed due to water at the unbridged crossing just past Tortilla Flat. It took three hours from Tempe to the trailhead.
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Reavis Falls
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