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Mount Peeley Summit
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mini location map2017-02-25
21 by photographer avatarThe_Dude
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Mount Peeley SummitPayson, AZ
Payson, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 25 2017
Hiking5.14 Miles 1,553 AEG
Hiking5.14 Miles   3 Hrs   11 Mns   1.87 mph
1,553 ft AEG      26 Mns Break12 LBS Pack
1st trip
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I had time to get in a quick weekend camp trip with the Earthiest, we didn't want to drive too far so we came up with one I have had on the list for quite a while. I left my house a bit after 4 Friday afternoon to pick up my amigo, and we stopped for a quick dinner at Senor Taco out in Fountain Hills on the way. Good food at a Filiberto's type joint and right on the way. Drove up the 87 a few miles and started onto the dirt road just as light was failing. The road is in good shape, dried out enough from last weekend's rain that going was fairly smooth. The road is great for a truck when dry, no need for 4 x 4 but high clearance helps in a few spots. We rolled into the Mazatzal Camp Grasshopper shortly after dark to find a fantastic spot for many campers. My full size Ram did pick up some new Arizona pin-striping thanks to the scrub oak on the jeep road, but no worries. Chilly night, I would guess we got down to about 25-26. After a leisurely morning at camp we packed up and headed over to the trailhead about 2 miles west of camp, there were a few large downed logs to negotiate around but nothing too serious. The hike is beautiful despite having seen a big forest fire, there is at least a good bit of recovery going on. Steady gain until you get to the north side of Peeley, and this is when things got a bit interesting. The trail has gotten a good bit of snow on the north face which has melted and then refrozen solid, making for some really slippery and somewhat dicey travel. This was the point where the Earthiest said no thanks, and he waited for me while I carefully made my way around. I have been thinking about getting a pair of Yaktrax or the like, I think this hike will make me finally get a pair. Once I got around to the NW side the snow had subsided a bit and I just picked my way up to the summit. I was off track for both the way up and down, but it is mostly just path of least resistance. Fantastic views all around from the top, Mogollon Rim, Superstition Ridgeline, Four Peaks, Horeshoe lake, you name it. I was the first summit sign in since last November, lots of HAZ folks represented. I chuggged back down to meet up with the Earthiest, we took a snack break and made our way back to the trailhead. The drive out included some great views too. I think the snow/ ice should melt out in the next few weeks, but watch your step if you head out soon!
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