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Prescott Lake Kayak Triumvirate, AZ
mini location map2017-04-22
5 by photographer avatarThe_Dude
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Prescott Lake Kayak Triumvirate, AZ 
Prescott Lake Kayak Triumvirate, AZ
Kayak avatar Apr 22 2017
Kayak11.20 Miles
Kayak11.20 Miles
1st trip
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We were up in Prescott for the weekend, my oldest was at the Willow Springs Girl Scout camp for two nights, but our youngest was only able to attend for the day Saturday. I went up with my wife and youngest Friday night and stayed at a hotel in the area. I dropped them off Saturday morning about 8 right over by Thumb Butte, and then had the day until I had to pick them up at 7:30 that night. Well, I had packed my kayak and proceeded to do the three city lakes tour. I started my day over at Goldwater Lake and payed my $3 parking fee (good at Goldwater, Watson, and Willow). Goldwater is a smaller lake, but nestled in amongst the pine forest so quite scenic. I got in a little fishing and paddled around for not quite two hours. There were only two other folks on the water, but quite a few fishing all around the shore. I packed up my boat and headed over to Watson second. I have been to Watson lake a half dozen times, it is fun but was packed when I got there. There must have been 50+ folks paddling around. I went south first to paddle in by the trees as the lake turns back into creek right by the 89. Went as far back as I could, even got stuck in the reeds in a few spots. No worries, I just would back up or butt-scoot and get free again. Circled around to the dam and through the dells, very scenic and fun to try and find ways through the big rock formations. After Watson I stopped off for some lunch to refuel. Granite Mountain Pizza Company was nearby, gave it a try. The pizza was so-so, but the salad was fantastic, go figure. Usually the other way around. From here I headed over to Willow lake, first time up here. Very pleasantly surprised, the northeast end of the lake has a lot of the same granite dells feel of Watson. I circled around the lake CW and got to the big willows and cottonwoods that are on the south and west side of the lake. Really fun to paddle in between them and relax in the shade. Finished up my loop, dropped off my boat at the hotel and showered up, and still made it over to the camp in time to pick up my better half and Anastasia. Great way to spend the day. I saw a good spread of wildlife over the day, some big cranes and water birds, hundreds of ducks, even a snake. Unfortunately no fish though...
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