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Lime Creek Cabin - Tonto NF
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mini location map2017-01-07
28 by photographer avatarThe_Dude
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Lime Creek Cabin - Tonto NFPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Backpack avatar Jan 07 2017
Backpack10.39 Miles 2,640 AEG
Backpack10.39 Miles2 Days         
2,640 ft AEG35 LBS Pack
1st trip
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Great weekend backpacker. This trip was not without adventure, partially due to lack of planning on our part...Left the house about 9 a.m. for the drive up through Carefree and on to just about Seven Springs. I usually print out the trail description for bigger hikes, but neglected to since I thought I already knew the way, and the Droog had already been here a few years ago. Well, I did the Google map from Rout Scout and it sent me all the way up Forest Road 542 without taking the turnoff shortly after FR24, 542 quickly turned into a nasty, rocky road that seemed to just get worse the further we got up it. Four wheel drive a must in a few spots for sure. After trekking for about 45 minutes or so, we ended up at a locked gate for what we assumed to be the Rover Mine complex. :-k Turned back around trying to figure out a contingency plan, tried the turn to the east just before getting back to FR 24 and low and behold there was a really nice dirt road that took us right to Walnut Spring and the TH. We made our way up and over the highpoint and then stopped for lunch since we were officially a few hours behind at this point, and then worked out way down. Word to the wise, pants are a necessity for this trail, I wore shorts on the way in and will have some marks for a few weeks. Catclaw, prickly pear, mesquite, and hackberry all await you in your travel. We lost the track a bit once we got down to the creek bed, but made our way around to the cabin to set up shop. Really cool area, great spring to drink from, and enough amenities to make you almost feel like you are car camping on a backpack trip. Last entry in the logbook was from April of 2016. Set up camp and collected some wood, then set to relaxing. Had some new gear for this trip, I picked up an REI Quarter Dome on sale this winter (worked like a champ after some initial confusion while setting up), a 15 degree mummy bag I had gotten with my dividend in the spring but have not needed to use, and my Xmas gift of the 'Deuce of Spades' 0.6 oz aluminum alloy cathole trowel (worked like a champ ;)). It was hard keeping the fire going since all the available wood was still pretty wet, we gave up on it about 8 and headed off to sleep. Even left a few brews for the next lucky visitor since we turned in early. I think I was out by 8:30, earliest I have gone to sleep in a while. Had a leisurely morning at camp and got on the trail about 10 for the return trip. The trek up the hill is a grinder with a big pack, but we made it eventually no worse the wear. Great trip for the cooler weather! Almost forgot to mention, we saw a pair of Coati on the way out while hiking the creek. A first for both of us to see!

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