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Prescott Lakes Tour, AZ
mini location map2015-07-25
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Prescott Lakes Tour, AZ 
Prescott Lakes Tour, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 25 2015
Hiking3.00 Miles 450 AEG
Hiking3.00 Miles
450 ft AEG
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Don't get your Hopes up, this is not The Eagle's Route....45 Miles in 1 Day? I don't think so.... :sl:

This was a Casual Day visiting Prescott...So Casual, that I didn't leave the House until 10:00 A.M. I just had to be somewhere at 5:00....I haven't spent much Time in Prescott since my Road Construction Days, so it was way overdue...Visited a "Lake" that I've never seen, visited another Lake that I haven't seen since I was 10, and visited a Lake that I've only seen from Highway 89....I would be Meeting several People at the last Lake for a Sunset Photo Shoot...Good Excuse to actually visit this Lake finally and also just to spend some Time in Prescott... :)

Before actually hitting the first of the Lakes, I took a Drive looking for some Pronghorn...Found 3 Different Herds but Photos were very Tough due to Heat Distortion...I got there too late in the Morning for good Light and better Shots...Once I was done enjoying them, I hit the first "Lake"....

Fain Park and "Lake"....I've heard this is a Good Birding Spot in the Winter so I decided to check it out...It's basically a small City Park...Anyone that calls this a Lake must be from Minnesota... :lol: It's about 2 Acres, maybe, and if you could actually just Walk the Shoreline all the way around at a Decent Clip, it would take you about 5 Minutes... ;) There is a very Interesting Mining Equipment Exhibit on the Shoreline. I'm surprised some of the Equipment doesn't magically disappear, but with some of it, it would be a Major Undertaking, which would most likely be Noticed, even down there... :sweat: I decided to Hike the Canyon Trail, around the "Lake" and past the Dam into the "Canyon" below. It's supposed to be a Loop and it is, but the City needs to add a couple of more Signs on the North Side. And remove an old "Private Road Do Not Enter" Sign on the Road that they actually use for part of the Trail... :roll: It got a bit confusing and I ended up avoiding the Road and just walking up the Hill through the Desert to get back near the Parking Lot...For those that might be interested, the "Trail" goes through the Parking Lot of the Church...I ended up almost crashing a Wedding.... :lol: It was getting pretty warm by the Time I got back to the Escape, so it was Time to hit something a little Higher... :D

Lynx Lake...Haven't seen this Lake since I was 10...To say it's changed a bit may be an Understatement... :sweat: Took me about 10 Minutes just to nab a Parking Spot and then I hit the Trail...Didn't go even halfway, which was fine as I really didn't have Time to do the whole thing anyway. I found a Woodpecker that I've been wanting to get some Decent Photos of...I Stalked it and ended up following it Home, so I set up a Vigil there for about an Hour... :sweat: After I was done, I meandered back towards the Parking Lot just dinking around with the Camera...There's a Shot I would love to get of this Lake at Sunrise some time, and I'd like to Hike the whole thing on the Super Highway they are calling a Trail....Back up to the Parking Lot and onward to my next Lake....

Watson Lake...Seen many Times from the Highway, but I've never actually been to the Lake...The Photo Club I belong to was having a Shoot here, so it was a good Time to start getting acquainted with it...It's as Cool as it looked from the Highway and More...Spent a lot of Time Hiking along some of the Trails, Scrambling up on the Rocks and wearing down a Battery in the Camera....It didn't look like we were going to have much for Clouds at Sunset, but a Fire off in the Distance provided some Color...I think it may have been from a Managed Fire near Williams...After the Sunset, I set my Camera on a Rock since I don't have a Tripod right now and got some Longer Exposures... :D It was a Good Afternoon and Evening and I'm glad I went...I could certainly see spending more Time here, both at Lynx and Watson. There are other Lakes here too that I need to see as well.... :D

Good Trip to Prescott....Nice to finally spend some Time here without actually working on a Highway.... :D
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