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Aravaipa Canyon
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mini location map2017-05-03
13 by photographer avatarcactuscat
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Aravaipa CanyonGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Canyoneering avatar May 03 2017
Canyoneering14.00 Miles 200 AEG
Canyoneering14.00 Miles2 Days         
200 ft AEG25 LBS Pack
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Annual overnighter in Aravaipa - second time from the East side.
Aravaipa was the first place I ever backpacked, and I think it's the absolute perfect place to introduce someone to backpacking ... if a night or two there isn't for you, then backpacking probably isn't for you.
It's also the only place I keep returning to time after time - each time is different, and it's always magical!
I planned the trip for a couple weeks later this year than last, hoping for hotter weather, and it worked out great - I got in in between cold spells. I need air temps around the 90's in order to enjoy the cool water, rather than just tolerate it in lower temps.
From what I have observed, it seems as though at least half of the permits issued for entry from the East end go unused. There were 10 permits issued for the day I arrived, but only 2 signed in and one vehicle at trailhead.
I intended to use the same charming little campsite that I stayed in last April, right across the creek from the mouth of Booger Canyon. It was empty and waiting for me ... I did later discover an even nicer site also on creek left a few more minutes downstream that I may try next time - but the Booger site has served me quite well twice now.
I took an hour to rest, refuel, and set up camp, then explored up Booger Canyon for a few minutes. It looks awesome and rugged, and I would love to check it out further - but maybe not alone ...
Next I meandered downstream farther than I had been, for a half hour or so. The middle section of the canyon really is beautiful.
Back at camp I debated a bit then decided to go ahead and start a small fire - there was plenty of wood and I thought the smoke would discourage insects (though they weren't bad) and alert other animals that there was a human present tonight. Last time I camped here there was fresh bear scat close by.
Just as I was cleaning up after dinner, right before the daylight finished fading, I heard animals moving across the creek - noisier than deer and larger and more deliberate than coati's ... I stared hard into the trees at the mouth of Booger and soon saw a bear! I watched as the bear family took about 10 minutes to pass, flipping over rocks and searching for food as they went ... saw an adult and a cub, and heard one or two more. Despite the fact that they were only about 50 yards away and I had both fire and food, they didn't seem to notice or care that I was there. I am sure they knew ... the cub did look at me for a minute while I was taking video of it. This was only my second bear sighting ever, and it was pretty great - I didn't feel fear or much alarm ... just thrilled.
Bedtime rolled around soon, and it took awhile to get to sleep - listening to the sounds of the night and wondering if the Berenstain Bears would be coming back upstream on my side during their nightly rounds. Once I fell asleep on my brand new pad - more on that later - I slept great, just waking up cold at 3:30, donning my fleece, and then back to sleep for two more hours. Woke up for good at daybreak with the singing birds, and enjoyed a lovely morning around camp.
Took my time and enjoyed extended breaks at several nice campsites and swimming holes. I was really hoping to get lucky and catch a ride in the back of someone's truck from the 4wd trailhead back to my car at the 2wd trailhead, like I did last time - but it wasn't to be since there were no vehicles at Turkey Creek once I got there. I thought oh well, it's just another mile and a half trudge, and maybe I am meant to walk it because I will see something good. I did meet a very handsome gopher snake stretched out across the road, and I got to hike with a turkey. I came upon a group of them after following their tracks down the road for awhile, and while most of them scattered or ran way ahead, there was one that kept just running a little ways up then waiting for me to catch up before running ahead again ... even after it finally turned off into the woods and let me pass, I could still hear it calling for some distance. Very cute.
The drive home was uneventful except for some cows in the road - watch out for them.

Gear notes:
I am in love with my new NEMO Cosmo insulated sleeping pad! It's a tad heavier than my old Thermarest, but at 3.5 inches thick it is a dream to sleep on! The built in foot pump works perfectly - you can also inflate it with your hands by kneeling down and practicing your chest compressions on it - either way it inflates in a minute or less. The dump valve deflated it instantly.
The Mazama 2L hydration bladder I recently got in a Cairn box also passed the test. I like how wide the opening is, and the shape and profile fit better in my pack than my Camelbaks.
This was my first time using the Sawyer filter extensively, and I didn't love it. Using with a Smartwater bottle as a straw was unsatisfying - you have to suck too hard to get a good drink ... squeezing it from the bottle into the bladder wasn't ideal either. I actually used my back up chlorine tablets the second day instead - much simpler. I will probably stick to my Steripen and/or chlorine in the future.
I decided to hike in a long sleeved Columbia Ice shirt this time and I like that a lot - rather than short sleeves and sunscreen.

Overall another fantastic trip - I am so thankful that this is what I enjoy and that I am able to do it!
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