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Santa Rita Autumn II, AZ
mini location map2015-11-17
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Santa Rita Autumn II, AZ 
Santa Rita Autumn II, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 17 2015
Hiking2.00 Miles 368 AEG
Hiking2.00 Miles
368 ft AEG
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Box Canyon....

This little Canyon has always intrigued since the First Time I drove through it with Randy. When I drove through it a couple of Days before on this Trip, chasing the Storm, I could see that the Fall Colors were going strong down there. I could also see some Cool Slickrock down there, as well as some Pools...It was Time to do a little Exploring in there and I extended my Stay 1 more Day so I could do so... :D

I found a great Entry Point that is most likely used by Ranchers, with a Gate and a Use Trail down to the Creek. I wanted to do this as a Loop using the Road to walk back to the Escape and mentally made note of an Area downstream that didn't look too incredibly Steep to get out. Still a bit Steep, but just not as much as the Rest of it... :sweat:

I started this Early enough in the Morning that most of the Canyon was still Shaded. I knew that once the Sun started hitting the Canyon, the Dynamic Range between Sun and Shadow would make things incredibly Difficult to Photograph...I headed down to the Creek and got 2 Surprises. First, the Creek actually had a little Flow to it... :y: And almost immediately after getting to the Bottom, I encountered a Manmade Dam of a sort. It was about a 20 Foot Drop, but was easily bypassed with a little Bushwacking and Scrambling on the Left Side. After descending that Spot, I left the Cow Pies behind, so I'm thinking it was built to keep the Cattle upstream....

And then Down Canyon I went. The Creek was small and narrow enough that it was not difficult to keep the Feet dry except for 1 Spot. I probably could have scrambled up and bypassed that Spot, but it would have been more of a Pain than it was worth and the Pool I dropped into was only Ankle Deep... :D There were a few Spots in this Canyon that I made sure I would be able to descend back up before dropping down. I didn't know what lay ahead and didn't want to get stuck in there with no Gear... :sweat: That one Spot was very Cool...Slickrock with Pools and small Falls. It's what I was hoping to find and it was there... :D Some of the Fall Color had gotten knocked down by the Storm, but there was still enough to keep the Camera busy.... :lol: The Creek at one Point went Underground, but that didn't last long before the Water showed back up.... :)

After a couple of Hours of messing around and meandering down the Canyon, I could see my Landmark, so I knew I was nearing my Exit. The Creek got interesting and the Walls closed in some, right at the Creek. As I scrambled down another Area, I noticed that I was starting to run into Cattle Landmines again and then I noticed a very distinct Game Trail/ Use Path going up the Slope just before the Walls got steep again....I had stumbled on a Awesome Exit Point. Totally eliminated the Bushwacking up most of the Slope... :y: I went down Creek just a little more to check it out and then Backtracked to the "Trail"...

The Trail ended about 3/4 of the way up to the Road, but even though the Terrain was getting Steeper, I was able to Switchback up almost to the Road. The Last 20 feet to the Road got a little Interesting. It was Steep enough that I was going to need Handholds, but most everything available had Thorns or Spines.... :sweat: Luckily with under 10 feet to go, there was a Corrugated Metal Culvert and I was able to use it to finish, clawing and stepping my way up onto the Road...Tough, but I made it.... :sweat: And then it was just a Road Walk back up to the Escape.... :)

This was worth doing...There were some very Pretty Areas in there and it was a Good Time....I could see doing this again. Would love to see it with a more Moderate Flow of Water sometime. Not sure how often that happens, but it would be very Cool to see... :D

And that would be my Last little Hike of this Trip...I headed Home after completing this "Hike"....It was a pretty Sweet Trip with Fall Colors, Wildlife, Storms and Rainbows...Another Successful Autumn Journey in the Books... :D
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