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mini location map2017-09-07
4 by photographer avatarjoebartels
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Woodchute - Martin Canyon LoopPrescott, AZ
Prescott, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 07 2017
Hiking7.54 Miles 1,475 AEG
Hiking7.54 Miles   2 Hrs   59 Mns   2.66 mph
1,475 ft AEG      9 Mns Break
1st trip
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jj suggested a GC hike I'd love to do. The stats and potential rain were not a good fit so I did something I rarely do. I utilized TrailDEX ( now Find ). This came up. If Wally & Lee are known to the Superstitions and Kyle to Babe Haught surely Mingus is mine, well after

Stats fit me like a glove but I wasn't sure jj would buy it for the drive. Plus Woodchute proper never tickled my fancy like the core upper heart of Mingus. jj was in so it was game on.

Woodchute Trail #102
The trailhead surprised as we arrived mid morning to 5-7 other vehicles on a Thursday. Is it possible there is a popular spot I'm not aware exists in the hiking world of Arizona? Heading CCW we strolled through a wonderful forest of nice medium sized pines. Not tall ponderosas or stubby junipers, rather a medium sized pine with spacey branches loaded with needles.

After a mile the pines give way to an open ridge then we turned down at Woodchute Tank. Now home I realize I did an-out-back to here in 2006. While it didn't leave a notable impression in 2006 I enjoyed it today! We passed two groups along this stretch.

Rick Tank Cutoff Trail #104
Heading down this was slow for myself. It was loose footing and slightly overgrown. My depth of field is off and falling without two quick hands rides the mind so I just took it real easy for the 1.5 miles down. We passed an ACE trail maintenance crew which jj was familiar with from another hike. Great to see 'em as this trail is worthy to save.

Martin Canyon Trail #103
Just an old road. A never ending canopy of trees made it special. With the exception of the top half mile the grade is very forgiving.

I didn't expect to enjoy this hike so much. It's definitely on the return list now.

Carolina's Mexican Food
Over the years, ironically possibly in one of the out of region Best Mexican Food forum threads Carolina's has surfaced many times. I've known there is one out by me in the BFE NW Valley but never patronized. It's tough to break the Del Taco tradition but glad we did, excellent IMHO. Taco man is obviously familiar with the original location. He agreed it was good as I'd heard yet stated the handmade tortillas are the fame. We're both semi critical on restaurants having been baptized by that fire biz. He ups the ante never missing a funny beat telling the girl "this better be good cause we could eat FIVE times at Del Taco for this price" lol

Which included a half dozen tortillas for each of us to take home. As much as I enjoyed my combo plate these 2 foot diameter tortillas are amazing. Thin and strong you could make one mean burrito. With my limited bite I've been ripping 'em up making mini quesadillas instead!
Named place
Named place
Turkey Tank Woodchute Tank Upper
- joe
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