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Mt Francis - Williams Peak - Thumb Butte Loop, AZ
mini location map2017-05-06
23 by photographer avatarjoebartels
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Mt Francis - Williams Peak - Thumb Butte Loop, AZ 
Mt Francis - Williams Peak - Thumb Butte Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar May 06 2017
Hiking19.08 Miles 3,249 AEG
Hiking19.08 Miles   8 Hrs   4 Mns   2.69 mph
3,249 ft AEG      58 Mns Break14 LBS Pack
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1st trip
Aspen Creek #48 2nd Fav!
The hike started out with a babbling creek and towering happy pines. A mile out-n-back on this would suit 94%. We only hiked 1.5 miles of the 6 mi before heading off trail. It appears pines are with you for the top 3 miles of this gem.

Mt Francis Area
My legs are still screamin' tender from Gun Creek mafia style beatings so I wasn't thrilled about any offtrail. I put my health aside and tried to lighten up. We both got lucky, it was pretty easy to the towers around 7,100 ft. Great views. Didn't hit the official peak a smidgen higher.

West Spruce #264, Williams Peak
Roughly a 2.4 mi walk to West Spruce. Passed a couple dozen Whiskey Row Marathon runners. Most were crawling with running arm gestures. All were friendly and returned hellos!

We only hiked a little of West Spruce before following a fading road to Williams Peak just over 7,000 ft. Bruce had a final offtrail piece that didn't look good so he changed the loop a bit to accomodate my well being. If I've said it once I've said it a million times, nice guy!

Thumb Butte bypass #326
We followed FR373 about 2.4 mi then 0.25 mi on FR51 to the end of Thumb Butte bypass #326 nary a crowd has seen. Most loops in the South Butte Area would include this trail in part or whole. If you do not require bells-n-whistles like peaks, creeks nor a destination this is mighty fine tall pine hiking.

Garden Grove #392 1st Fav!
We hiked this top to bottom. Views of Granite Mountain are majestic. Meadowish in the middle with I'm guessing a seasonal creek that is a tributary to Miller Creek. Sold!

Interestingly I hiked this downhill seven years ago with @JimmyLyding and sorta met an idol
The day before I hiked with johnr1 to Miller Peak
The previous day was my first outta town hike with The_Eagle
Days earlier I hiked with Groth, SuperstitionGuy and the world famous AndreyP

Miller Creek #367
According to FS stelprd3811790.pdf we did not hike this trail. It's up for debate. Bruce included it. He claimed a peak last week we didn't summit either. I'm only correct 4% of the of the time and might have a 10% shot at this one so pardon the gloat.

Thumb Butte Trail #33 3rd Fav!
Wow my first hike on this iconic crowd pleaser. It has a 1960's National Park quality feel.

Potts Creek #327 & Cold Springs #393
Great perkless tall pine stolling.

It was nice to hike the mythical lure of dancing pines on a cool spring day most seek.
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