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Happy Hr Ridge Loop, AZ
mini location map2017-11-19
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Happy Hr Ridge Loop, AZ 
Happy Hr Ridge Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 19 2017
Hiking2.70 Miles 296 AEG
Hiking2.70 Miles   1 Hour   10 Mns   2.31 mph
296 ft AEG
1st trip
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It was finally time to take my knee out for a hike.
Mon afternoon, Oct 30 Injury occurred when I took my elevated legs off my desk. Pang in left knee. Continued to get worse.
Wed morning , Nov 1 I went in for diagnosis, got an x-ray
Wed afternoon, knee blew up and the pain was intense (I would not have been able to do that x-ray).
Thur morning, Nov 2 x-ray says:
There is a calcification lateral to the medial femoral condyle suggesting Pellegrini Stieda. There is mild degenerative changes of the lateral compartment and femoropatellar articulation with small osteophytes.
HUH? Ortho was recommended, IMS would call back with referral.
Fri Nov 3 INTENSE crying pain. If you've had gall bladder attacks, it's similar to that pain. Could not bend knee in the slightest; hell by this time I couldn't even make out my knee anymore. I was sleeping on my couch at this point as I couldn't raise my leg high enuf to get on my bed which was also upstairs and I was doing stairs only to get a bunch of stuff to bring down for a couple days. Coming down the stairs I had to walk backward.
Mon Ortho was perplexed at injury; said they don't even use the Pellegrini Stieda terminology anymore. He upped the ibu to 800 mg and ordered an MRI. After the appt, I actually started feeling better and decided to wait on MRI.
I still can't get in and out of my car without shifting the seat all the way back and gingerly helping my left leg get in the car. My leg weighs a lot :lol: based on the amount of times I would have to lift it. My feet would swell by the late afternoons so that was uncomfortable as well.
Two weeks later I was able to sleep in my own bed and could more or less get in and out of my car almost normally. And I can almost walk down the stairs normally. I'm a little weak from doing nothing for a couple weeks but I did two workouts at the Club though modified. You also don't realize how much you miss crossing your knees/legs and rolling on your side if you want among many other things we take for granted. Those of you who have had injuries are keenly aware of this.

19 days later, I took my first hike. I didn't think high 70s would seem so hot but sheesh. Anyway, I decided to skirt around Happy Hour Ridge so that I would mostly be level hiking with just a little hill or two coming and going. I didn't want to push it. This trail was a bit slick in spots so I took my time in those areas.
Saw only 3 hikers and about 6 bikers. Sure is dry out there. Oh and I saw a coyote on the drive in as I use the 38th Street entrance. The new house that was put in there has this nice railing up and they left ample room for vehicles to pull in and park.

oh final diagnosis: calcification lateral to the medial femoral condyle. It will never get better and there is no cure. Essentially, I will eventually have to get knee replacement but who knows when. But needless to say, I'm a little spooked wondering when it will happen again.
Also, I think they need to build crutches with a sippy cup holder and something to hang around your neck. It is amazing how much you find yourself carrying stuff; in my case, ice packs and my phone and water.
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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