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VOAZ - Tibber Happy Hour Ridgeline via 40th St, AZ
mini location map2016-08-21
16 by photographer avatartibber
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VOAZ - Tibber Happy Hour Ridgeline via 40th St, AZ 
VOAZ - Tibber Happy Hour Ridgeline via 40th St, AZ
Hiking avatar Aug 21 2016
Hiking5.57 Miles 952 AEG
Hiking5.57 Miles   2 Hrs   28 Mns   2.44 mph
952 ft AEG      11 Mns Break
1st trip
Today was the day I was going to finally be able to do my VOAZ Loop I had plotted in my head. So off I went via 100 over to the bike trail that would take me north. I could see on the hill between me and the 8 (to the SE) was a trail that went on the mountainside so I'm going to have to investigate that. I continued on the bike trail south (slightly different from the one I took a couple weeks ago) and then crossed over the wash to meet up with the 8. I kept on the 8 for awhile and could have went off the 8 to cross over earlier but stayed to the south where I met up with the 8 again (could have stayed on it). I eventually hooked up with the 304/302 up to the VOAZ junction. I have to say the breeze was sure lovely up until here. It was a very strange breeze for this time of year... it was COOL :D .

I hadn't taken the VOAZ this direction before so it was obviously a little easier once I got to the saddle and started heading down hill. The rain seems to have damaged part of this trail. Once down to 1A my goal was the green hill (a tinted color from the rock) and then up to my lately dubbed: Tibber's Happy Hour Ridgeline that I discovered last week but was too tired and hot to take on. As I was climbing to the Green Saddle I thot I could hear coyotes so I stopped a couple times to listen. And then a short time later HAZel gave me my mileage update with the sound of... yep, you guessed it, a coyote :lol: . Once on the ridgeline it has a couple steep sections and because of being out of shape I did have to stop and catch my breath plus the breeze had disappeared.

Once to the top of Fifteen Cent Peak I rested for a moment and noticed other people on what I had dubbed Twenty Cent Peak while looking at it from VOAZ. I had also seen a trail that seems to come up from the south side so I may have to give that a whirl one of these times. Anyway, I hadn't intended on ascending Twenty Cent Peak but after a slight rest, I looked over at it where some other people had just come down and decided, "what the heck" and give it a whirl as it wasn't that high and was still in partial shade.

Well Twenty Cent is a fun ascent. I walked around on top and thot I saw a path over to the NE so headed toward that. Well it wasn't a path and I wasn't in the mood to trek back up to the top of the peak. I surveyed the situation and decided it didn't look like I could cliff out anywhere so down I went. I crisscrossed for a bit and decided it would take way too long to get down this way so I tried to aim for straight down as much as I could. I crossed over to a rocky crag thinking there might be a trail out of that but nope so back I went and continued my trek down to a trail that crosses between these northern mounts.

Finally I reached the trail altho it was very rocky and headed south until I reached up with what looked like a normal trail and took that back to the 40th St TH. Saw about 5 little lizards, a dozen hikers and a dozen bikers. Oh, and I got a very close fly-by from a most beautiful hawk!
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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