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mini location map2015-06-01
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Plateau PointNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Jun 01 2015
Hiking9.00 Miles 2,500 AEG
Hiking9.00 Miles   8 Hrs   30 Mns   1.06 mph
2,500 ft AEG
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I post here a belated trip log and photo set from Plateau Point in the Grand Canyon. Many have likely hiked into the Canyon, or down to Indian Gardens, or to Phantom Ranch. Given we had just one day at the Canyon (we drove up from our main hiking location of Sedona), my daughter asked to see a different look at the Canyon. We picked Plateau Point, and experienced that different look at the grandeur of the Canyon. The Canyon rises majestically and imposingly at the Point, surrounding one on all sides in an enormous circle of spectacles. This impression of the Canyon can not be readily had from the standard trails (Bright Angel and South Kaibab) nor from Phantom Ranch at the bottom, as the Canyon itself wraps to closely at those locations to get the panorama the open vista provided by the Point.

Plateau Point can be reached reasonably in a one day hike; we started at dark, 4 AM, with head lamps and a wrist-attached flash light, reached Plateau Point by 9:30, and without rushing arrived back at the top by 1 PM. A short guard rail sits right at Plateau Point, visible in one of the pictures in the photo set. We understood the railing to mean stand behind it, for safety, but also for good views. As we did that, a group of 20 something hikers arrived, and we saw that for them the railing served as a handhold to help them go beyond the railing to sit on the edge of the ledge. Who knew that was the railing's true purpose? Needless to say, we continued to use the railing for our safety.
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