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mini location map2018-05-20
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Tramway Maxwell LoopPayson, AZ
Payson, AZ
Hiking avatar May 20 2018
Hiking6.03 Miles 968 AEG
Hiking6.03 Miles
968 ft AEG
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1st trip
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I am calling this the upside / downside hike... A welcome repeat trek from last year, this hike was to include a friend who couldn’t figure out hike routing on her own last summer and requested some guiding assistance.

Logistics planned for weeks, she had to bailout the night before (downside). The balance of the group decided to move ahead with the plan (upside). With forest access closing everywhere (downside), we knew to take advantage of some of these spots while we can.

I believe I enjoyed the "upside" of this hike better than the "downside" this trip. The upside would include the part of the hike that most consider the cumbersome hiking on the roads between the two actual trailheads. The upside should not be discounted as we encountered five, white-tailed deer, two pronghorn, a black-tailed jackrabbit, Abert's squirrel and a somewhat compliant horned lizard. One of the white-tailed deer met me face to face at the the start of the Tramway Trail - by the scat we put underfoot down to the creek, the Tramway is the preferred route to the water for them.

The downside of the loop (in the canyon) was lovely as well as we managed to get our feet wet, enjoy the lushness and beauty of West Clear Creek with a few flower finds and plenty of quiet and solitude.

Encountered an hour and thirty minute delay on I-17 coming home (downside) but fortunately, good conversation and nice snacks kept our moods on the upside.

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