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mini location map2019-05-10
22 by photographer avatarOdinWiski
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Tramway Maxwell LoopPayson, AZ
Payson, AZ
Backpack avatar May 10 2019
Backpack9.46 Miles 1,205 AEG
Backpack9.46 Miles
1,205 ft AEG
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We haven't been out for a while between traveling and other commitments. Wanted to do a short overnighter with some water features. This one fit the bill nicely. A few years ago when I hiked this one, I dropped down from Maxwell. This time we took the other side after parking at the fork and road hiking to the Tramway TH.

The big views overlooking the canyon and the creek in either direction on top of Tramway were great. And so were a few views on the way down. Once at the bottom, we took a snack break and explored a whole bunch before continuing through the canyon toward Maxwell. It was lush and green along the creek. Some sections were pretty overgrown and bushwhacking was not fun. At one point, we decided to wade through the creek instead. The water was refreshing at first but soon started to feel cold. We got to the camp site near the bottom of Maxwell and set up camp there. It was a wonderful camp site with no one around. Two day hikers were all we saw earlier and for the rest of our time there. We then explored farther out before dinner. Sleeping right next to the babbling creek was wonderful!

The next morning we took our time getting up and breaking down camp. When we worked our way up Maxwell, the weather was great. Once we got on top though, as we were hiking the road, it got really dark quickly. Then hail sizes of small marbles poured down. And lightning and cracking thunders felt pretty close. It didn't seem like it would pass any time soon. We put on our rain gear and kept hiking back to our truck in the rain, hail and mud. It was a wonderful time!
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