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Lime Creek Cabin - Tonto NF
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mini location map2018-11-12
11 by photographer avatarThirstyLizard
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Lime Creek Cabin - Tonto NFPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 12 2018
Hiking10.40 Miles 2,535 AEG
Hiking10.40 Miles
2,535 ft AEG
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1st trip
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As described, this hike is tougher than the mileage and AEG represent as the footing takes constant decision making.

With that disclaimer out of the way, it was worth the challenge. The trail traverses beautiful and varied sights—botany, geology, archeology and biology are your hosts for the day—and they spoil you in grand Arizona style.

Windy and cooler weather and a later hike start may have precluded wildlife sightings, but track and scat gave us insight to area residents.

Overgrowth exists, but wasn’t too much that work arounds were needed. The hike was showy with fairy dusters and four o’clocks— most likely enhanced from the October rains. The views off the bench below the saddle descent is all you need to make this your turnaround point. But alas, we had a few points of interest to see further down into the creek.

The fall foliage along Lime Creek was a more brilliant turn of orange and yellow than the trail ties leading us through the creek passage to the cabin. Perhaps a few off trail turns could happen here but eventually you get where you need to be. Two human relics, a canteen and camp chair were the only signs of civilization as we made our way to the cabin.

At the cabin, we were cordially met by one of the two, Coues deer hunters camping at the cabin for an extended hunting opportunity. We toured around and spent lunch exchanging information and drinking the spring water nearby before setting off to find the petroglyphs.

Another point of interest worthy of finding, we spent some time following along the wall looking at the old and newer graffiti.

Back down the wash, past the cabin to the return, the hunter, lacking connection to the outside world asked about the election results and we complied adding that he should be happy to be the Senator of Lime Creek and the world beyond need not disrupt him. How lovely to be out of communication signal and to rely on passerby’s news to connect you to happenings beyond the creek. (Life Goal)

That return trip is something of a workout. Okay, it was tough. Thankful to have the fastest hiker of the group holding open the gate at the saddle for those of us further behind.

Like every hike, the last mile finds me savoring the moment and kind of sad to see it ending which, other than the truck starting, is the best way to end any hike.
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