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Bridal Wreath Falls Loop
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mini location map2018-12-01
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Bridal Wreath Falls LoopTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 01 2018
Hiking7.52 Miles 1,320 AEG
Hiking7.52 Miles   3 Hrs   59 Mns   1.98 mph
1,320 ft AEG      11 Mns Break
1st trip
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Sometimes you get to check a hike off someone else’s list and also enjoy a new trail as well. A visit south on Saturday to saunter in the Saguaro National Park East and see the sights and hear the sounds of water streaming down sent us to Bridal Wreath Falls Loop, East of Tucson near Tanque Verde.

The small parking lot at the Douglas Springs Trailhead was overflowing by our 8am arrival. Low clouds hanging on the peaks slightly obscured the snow that arrived the day before.

Already warming, minimal layers were needed which is yet another selling feature of Arizona. Even local residents can migrate South to warm a few degrees.

The trail is in top notch condition and the trail signs for the loop are clear and very present. The climb starts gradually and then builds, creating a nicely paced workout. After stopping to shed the only extra layer, we saw some Fall color in one of the drainages as we approached the spur to the falls.

A little maneuvering in the rocks prior to falls lands you at the base. There was water falling but to describe it we decided it was more of a hand wash than a hair wash level. Nonetheless, we saw water fall at the waterfall.

All that glitters is not gold—sometimes it’s Mica. Shimmering in the southern sun, like the floor of a kindergarten class at Christmas.

Obligatory photos and then a return via the loop which, as the official write up indicates, is a stellar option.

The many drainages and washes indicate the amount of water that is present here. While not flowing, water in the natural catchments were present and most likely keep the critters watered all year long.

No goldfish at Steel Tank but one must honor the triplog by taking time to look and report.

As for other sightings - a few equestrians enjoying the trails and a few sulphurs flying around. In warmer weather, this place would be a wonderland.

An in theme stop at Saguaro Corners restaurant was the end of trail before heading home. An indoor/outdoor establishment which offers a nice selection of Tucson brews and home cooked chips sent us home satisfied. And if seated inside, a view outside to a man-made waterfall if your hike leaves you wanting.

One of the topics discussed on the hike out was the rating systems for hike logs and we both agreed they are skewed higher than lower because hikers are happy people and even more so when they get to do what they love.

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