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Babe Knoll Horton Highline Loop, AZ
mini location map2018-09-01
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Sedona Loop Hike
Sedona Loop Hike
Babe Knoll Horton Highline Loop, AZ 
Babe Knoll Horton Highline Loop, AZ
Backpack16.91 Miles
Backpack16.91 Miles2 Days         
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1st trip
I haven't seen this loop put together before, but it may exist.
Started with light rain from the Hatchery at 7AM. Upon reaching the rim road the sun was out and it was a bit windy heading down to Knoll lake. The lake is super low and mostly empty, nobody camping and only a few kayaks out. After a short break I headed almost due east up into the woods and after a cross country mile I hit FR115. Two miles back to make a left on the rim road, which had come alive with activity. After a brief stroll easterly, I found Horton Springs trail. And about 10 minutes later I lost Horton Springs trail. It has a humble beginning and an obvious finish. In between it's a bit of a mess and full of long grass. Plenty of folks at the spring eating lunch and boy scouts heading in to set up camp. I continued down another 1.5 miles to a favorite campsite found empty. After a quiet night, I started back up to the spring and made a left on the Highline. It was a nice stroll back over to the Hatchery, with a break at D.W. creek as usual.
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