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Reavis Frog Tanks Rogers Canyon Loop, AZ
mini location map2018-11-09
16 by photographer avatarALMAL
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Reavis Frog Tanks Rogers Canyon Loop, AZ 
Reavis Frog Tanks Rogers Canyon Loop, AZ
Backpack avatar Nov 09 2018
Backpack31.80 Miles 4,940 AEG
Backpack31.80 Miles3 Days         
4,940 ft AEG
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1st trip
Started Friday morning with a full parking lot, 3 big trucks with trailers taking up most of the spaces. Followed Mr. Squishy route. Smooth sailing to Plow Saddle, only some sketchy water in the troughs. Continued on to Fish creek and a nice campsite. Saw a fox before dark, not aggressive, just nosy. Threw a couple of rocks and it thought I was throwing food I think. Quiet and not too cold night. Saturday headed down to Angel Basin and then up past the ruins and on to Reavis. Landed at the ranch by 2pm, camped at same spot as 3 weeks ago. Not too crowded, picked a few apples, one landed square on my forehead looking up, got a little bruise. Stood still for a couple of minutes and listened to apples falling at the rate of 2-4 per minute nearby. Got cold after dark. Left early and back to the lot by noon.
Nice loop! Water in Fish creek and throughout Rogers as well.
You aren't late if you don't show up!
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