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The Bradshaws, AZ
mini location map2019-03-13
12 by photographer avatarkelly14
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The Bradshaws, AZ 
The Bradshaws, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 13 2019
Hiking6.61 Miles 1,785 AEG
Hiking6.61 Miles   5 Hrs   39 Mns   1.23 mph
1,785 ft AEG      17 Mns Break
1st trip
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Had some family watching our son so we were free to go on an adventure today!!

We chose the Bradshaw’s and of course Mother Nature decided to throw 4 inches of fresh snow at us.... no complaints though we love snow! But it was a bit chilly and the winds were howling.

Wanted to check out Lynx Creek with all the snowmelt and some other parts of this range we haven’t been to yet. Lynx Creek was gushing and we struggled finding a safe place to cross. Resorted to taking our shoes and socks off and walking through the shallowest part we could find which was where the road crossed the creek. The current was much stronger than it looked. And boy that water was cold 🥶

After that we did lots of meandering up and down some other canyons which all had lots of water and there was lots of beautiful forest here as I expected. Though worth noting it looks like a lot of thinning operations are in progress and it’s kinda rough to look at but hopefully looks good in a few years and hopefully prevents future forest fires.

Tons of deer tracks everywhere but we never got eyes on them. Saw a few squirrels though. Dogs had a blast and so did we! Not gonna lie though secretly looking forward to some warmer weather 😊
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Named place
Granite Mountain Lynx Creek

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Heavy flow. With every side drainage running as well.

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