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mini location map2019-02-07
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Mount UnionPrescott, AZ
Prescott, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 07 2019
Hiking4.35 Miles 1,176 AEG
Hiking4.35 Miles   2 Hrs   36 Mns   2.04 mph
1,176 ft AEG      28 Mns Break
1st trip
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Decided to bag Mount Union today. I know most start from the Dandrea trailhead and go from there but we decided to start our hike from 5 corners, which saved us 40 minutes of extra driving. Poland junction road up through Breezy Pines was surprisingly really nice. Just a little snow and ice nothing crazy. Immediately after Breezy pines the snow started to really show up. A Solid 4 inches of snow on the road made things a little dicey but our AWD forester handled it like a pro.

Starting our hike we began down the forest road(which I think just leads to the top of Mount Union) till it linked up with I believe the Dandrea Trail, which we then followed up till it met up with the Yankee Doodle Trail which took us to the top. Then followed that up and over back to the forest road and then back to the car. Made for a nice little loop!

The climb up to Mount Union was a battle but so much fun. Snow depth started around 4-5 in at five corners to probably about 10 inches near the top. Animal tracks were everywhere! Saw a nearly fresh steaming pile of bear crap which was a shock to us. Saw a huge buck. Every drainage was flowing and the forest rd itself was more of a creek then road. Views were tremendous from the top.

A fun winter day in the Bradshaw’s and we had it all to ourself!
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