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mini location map2019-11-10
9 by photographer avatarte_wa
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Spirit CanyonPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 10 2019
Hiking4.60 Miles 1,519 AEG
Hiking4.60 Miles
1,519 ft AEG
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quick day hike into the last canyon left out of the several on the S. side of Supes Mountain we've hiked. this one is steep, par for course. and has 'glyphs! there's a scrambly route over towards monument that might take you to the ridgeline but not for us, not today. each of these canyons have similar personalities, but interesting, minute differences that make one want to see them all. of course, carney just being "there". Hog is cool. Hiero is really fun, Monument has wreckage (a must see) and the canyon "west of hog" is ok. Spirit, like Hiero, has a small panel of about 10 'glyphs. was nice to cross it off and actually made a terrific spot for lunch. there's a saddle with a reasonably flat camp spot about 2 miles in, with views all the way to DTPHX. would be a good chill spot to watch the city lights.

NOTE: even tho we parked on the asphalt where it stops, and dirt begins, we were greeted with a ridiculous note on the car that we were "trespassing" and next time they'd tow us. however, the signs that say "no trespassing" are actually posted on a RIGHT OF WAY that is owned by the county. so the neighbors out there are not very neighborly.. just a heads up.

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