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Tramway-Maxwell Loop, AZ
mini location map2019-11-16
16 by photographer avatarN8TRGRL
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Tramway-Maxwell Loop, AZ 
Tramway-Maxwell Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 16 2019
Hiking10.04 Miles 2,788 AEG
Hiking10.04 Miles   6 Hrs   55 Mns   1.53 mph
2,788 ft AEG      21 Mns Break
1st trip
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Title: The Death March of Thornbush Hell aka The Bitch n Moan Hike
Only two hikes this year made me want to drop to my knees and curl up in a ball, rolling about crying and muttering indiscernible curses. My long awaited, bucket list WCC would be one.
This hike was a test of my resilience. I almost failed the test. I only passed because I didn't die.
Down a steep, loose, rocky stretch wherein at one point, a rope was needed to drop off a small but tall shelf. There was occasional bum scooting too.
This wasn't even the hard part.
Once down at the tranquil, clear water, we paused briefly for refreshments at the well known, pretty campsite at the junction. The junction of the trail isn't marked aside from two small metal bowls dangling from a tree. You'll need to discern between critter trails and what's the actual trail. In autumn, good luck. Heavy foliage fall added challenge. After 2 tries we located the real trail.
Then, the most impressive glyphs panels I've ever seen, to date. Really nice stuff, exception of graffiti and campfire damage. (Human suckage 😡)
Another pause for refreshments and plenty of oohing and ahhing
A n d. T h e n.
Enter the brushiest, thickest, overgrownest, no trail bushwack of ever, for me. The reeds and brush were so thick at times, I couldn't see where to go next. So, let's add in some slippery doll heads to attempt creek crossing in the low 40s-brrr
Not enough torture?
K. Howzabout thorns. Many, many thorned trees and bushes. I was still plucking thorns out of my body four days after this version of beautiful hell. D nearly left my complainery behind as he trucked ahead, supposedly to find the trail. (I know the truth. He was trying to run away from my grouchiness!) Oh, and about the trail? THERE WASN'T ONE! Until we neared completion and our exit route up another steep, grasp your chest, huff n puff, there was no trail. Not for humans anyway. There were itty bitty game trails which all led to the water.
About the water?
Even when not creek crossing, we were marshy, mush trudging.
Good times.
No really... (sarcasm font)
Am I happy we did it?
Will I go back? Well maybe. I mean I did forgetfully leave my beautiful, new Black Diamond trekking poles there... 😡
But srsly- any trek that tests my muster and leaves me thirsty because of its salt, raises my confidence and gives me a little pride. Oh. And gratitude. Because my favorite hiking partner is real real patient when I get the crabby patties stirring around inside of me.
7-10 (3 different trackers didn't match up) miles on this loop.
2000+ (again, trackers varied) 197- thorns and curses
Views of ooh and ahh proportions? Limitless. Steep, rugged canyon walls, crystalline waters, plenty of animal sign. While I would not want to do this in warm months (no shade), had we gone down a couple of weeks prior, the fall leaves would have been criminally beautiful.
foliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observation
Autumn Foliage Observation Isolated
"Cover the earth before it covers you"~Runes

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