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Pine Creek Canyon, AZ
mini location map2019-09-29
5 by photographer avatarN8TRGRL
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Pine Creek Canyon, AZ 
Pine Creek Canyon, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 29 2019
Hiking2.33 Miles 765 AEG
Hiking2.33 Miles   3 Hrs   41 Mns   0.76 mph
765 ft AEG      37 Mns Break
1st trip
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A no joke slip n slide attempt to reach the narrows. We descended through a mostly dry waterfall area, encountered lotsa loose rock as we boulder hopped our way down into the lowish water level canyon. We discovered old bear scat on the way down on this very windy day. We saw only 3 others off in the distance. Once we became choked out and had choices between getting wet to about thigh high while losing daylight soon and climbing out to get some cold frosties at the brewery, the choice was easy. We'd have to come back for the elusive narrows another day. Our goal is to scout around up top and see if we can find other access points. I'd love to also see that waterfall when it's cooking!
"Cover the earth before it covers you"~Runes
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