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Here and there in the Supes, AZ
mini location map2020-01-07
23 by photographer avatarPickles
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Here and there in the Supes, AZ 
Here and there in the Supes, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 07 2020
Hiking4.54 Miles 1,654 AEG
Hiking4.54 Miles
1,654 ft AEG
1st trip
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Continuing my Supes Hoodoo escapades, I set out on my fourth journey to explore areas not much frequented by hikers but known, I would imagine, by rock climbers. I started out on the Siphon Draw trail but left it pretty quickly to make my way up the steep terrain and into a section I decided to start with. What made this section different that the other three is how much more vertical I had to go and how much loose scree I had to deal with on my way up and on my way down. Wiped out twice but kept myself relatively unscathed through the process.
Obviously, I could see common trails down below but I felt a little more vulnerable up in those crevices. I went up into one section, got as far as I could, started making my way down to a saddle but decided to go a different way down than how I came up so I could explore another section on my list. I'm glad I did!
The only signs of life I found up in there were two very old faded pop cans who have seen better days. I did find a tick descending from my hairline and across my forehead when I got home but I introduced it to an early demise!
All in all, it was a good morning "stroll"!

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