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Wagon wheels old graves and the AZT., AZ
mini location map2020-04-16
31 by photographer avatarPickles
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Wagon wheels old graves and the AZT., AZ 
Wagon wheels old graves and the AZT., AZ
Mtn Biking avatar Apr 16 2020
Mtn Biking17.40 Miles 1,123 AEG
Mtn Biking17.40 Miles   4 Hrs   16 Mns   4.83 mph
1,123 ft AEG      40 Mns Break
1st trip
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I actually started this ride with the intent of going through Arnett Canyon but the rocky, steep, curvy, narrow paths are not my forte so I backtracked to my starting point near Picketpost and hugged the 60 to get me to my first stop.
The wagon wheel tracks are right off the 60 just before Superior but one has to crawl under or over barbed wire from this vantage point. I opted to go under as my stature demanded. The tracks are deep and pretty cool and date back to the 1870s.
I got back on the 60 and turned north on the Silver King Mine Road. I veered off to a back road and eventually made my way to the Pinal Cemetery where I had my lunch with Wyatt Earp's lady, Mattie Blaylock, who rests there with dozens of other poor souls.
I left the cemetery with a happy belly and got on East Happy Camp Rd , which took me to a section of the AZT. That section was one of the funnest parts of the day, it just felt different. I met a young through hiker sitting in a creek getting his buzz on. He offered me some of his weed, I thanked him for his generosity but declined the offer. I bid him happy hiking and left him in the creek. He was kind and talkative but certainly a little rough around the edges.
The last 1/3 mile of the AZT had me walking my bike instead of riding it. It was overgrown most of the way which made following the path more challenging to ride than walk.
I will go back and hike through Arnett Canyon but will leave my bike at home!
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