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North Fork Falls of Deadman Canyon
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mini location map2020-01-09
9 by photographer avatarLJW
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North Fork Falls of Deadman CanyonPayson, AZ
Payson, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 09 2020
Hiking23.00 Miles 4,000 AEG
Hiking23.00 Miles   11 Hrs   45 Mns   2.63 mph
4,000 ft AEG   3 Hrs    Break
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Met a friend from Flagstaff at the end of Barnhardt Road where I left my car and we carried on to the trailhead in his. No sense in bruising both of our tires. Road was eroded and rocky but doable with low clearance.

Met at 7am and started with the sunrise. Cloudy and cold to start the day. Original plan was to see how the water was flowing in BK Falls before deciding whether to loop with Rock Creek and see Deadman and Sandy or to summit Mazatzal Peak. Thought all the snow had melted by now, but that wasn't the case. Snow on the north side of every ridge, and once the climb starts on Barnhardt it's slippery with hard-packed, icy snow. Waterfalls everywhere in Barnhardt Canyon, especially the side canyon. HM Falls was flowing lightly, and BK falls was very solid.

Mazatzal Divide Trail was puddled in the morning and made it tough to keep our feet dry. Tried to head down to the lower falls, but the dog we had with us was not a willing canyoneer. Ended up being a good idea for the sake of time. Clouds gave way to clear sunshine on our way out of the drainage to the lower falls, and it lasted for a couple hours while we hung around the upper pair of falls. What an amazing place to be.

Headed up toward Rock Creek trail. Divide trail to there from around Horse Camp Seep was snowy and wet. Superb views of endless pines and slick rock creeks. Ended up turning back and not continuing the loop. Climb up to Rock Creek from the west doesn't really exist. I'm sure it does on the east side, and I plan on finding out next week.

Walk back was through an increasing winter storm. Dramatic clouds, but no more than light flurries that amounted to very little snow. It carried on through the night, but I don't think anything too substantial.

My phone ended up deciding to install a software update, and I lost the route and the numbers, so what I've got is pretty ballpark. Didn't see anyone on the hike and no animals besides a deer.
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Named place
Deadman Canyon Falls - North Fork

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Spring Box was just about full

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