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Boulder Mountain, AZ
mini location map2019-12-03
7 by photographer avatarLJW
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Boulder Mountain, AZ 
Boulder Mountain, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 03 2019
Hiking16.65 Miles 4,796 AEG
Hiking16.65 Miles   7 Hrs   29 Mns   2.57 mph
4,796 ft AEG   1 Hour    Break
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Second attempt at reaching the summit of Boulder Mountain in four days, second failure. This time instead of coming in from Ballantine I took FR1704 to the Pipeline Trail and then up the drainage I had scouted out a few days prior. This route has no advantages over a Ballantine approach other than being marginally shorter.

Parked first thing to the left at the Sycamore Creek pullout. Immediately had to take my boots off to cross the creek. Strong flow in Sycamore Creek, and the trees were a nice orange color. No snow left on the mountain, but there's some left on the north side of Pine Mountain.

FR1704 was eroded, rocky, and slippery with loose granite. Inadvertently drove 8 head of cattle up the road about a half mile until they conceded the route. All the drainages were flowing pretty nicely, and there were a few waterfalls and cascades down away from the road.

Left Pipeline and climbed up onto the desert floor to the south above the drainage in order to minimize the bushwhacking down the creek. Crossed over about halfway and headed up toward the main ridge. Used the short, faint game trails to cut across the slope until I could find gaps in the scrub oak to climb up through. A lot of scrambling and pretty brutal grade. Going up the ridge I went under a mile an hour.

Made it to the last false summit, and for what ended up being no good reason talked myself out of continuing. Ended up a little over a half mile away and 500ft below the summit. All that was left was a boulder-y section of ridgeline and then the turn toward the peak on the easiest grade since getting on the mountain. At least the mountain isn't going anywhere. Determined to get it done before the end of winter.
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Sycamore Creek looks alright, but that's about it

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