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Pedestal Arch - Goldfields, AZ
mini location map2020-02-10
9 by photographer avatargmaclachlan
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Pedestal Arch - Goldfields, AZ 
Pedestal Arch - Goldfields, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 10 2020
Hiking10.50 Miles
Hiking10.50 Miles
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Started this trip from the Horse Trailer Parking Lot and made our way west north west mostly following horse trails in the valleys and crossing over low saddles until we had to turn up to the arch. The small canyon leading up to the arch seemed to be filled with vegetation so we went a bit to the west and avoided the stuff. On the way back we bee-lined over a saddle to the south east and down into the wash. Next time I would use this route to get there as seemed a lot easier. On another note we found a couple of trucks parked (hiking) about 1.5 miles in which appeared to come in on (Tomahawk road)?? Going to this point would shorten this hike a bunch if you had nothing but the arch in mind. Probably need combination for gate on road available from Forest Service Office in Mesa????
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