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Workman Creek, AZ
mini location map2020-05-03
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Workman Creek, AZ 
Workman Creek, AZ
Car Camping avatar May 03 2020
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Car Camping
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I had not been up to this area since 2017, so thought it would be a good place to go to camp for a night, with hopefully not too many folks around. That turned out to be true, but I had my doubts based on the crowds I saw on the way there. It was a Sunday, so I figured most folks would be headed back home. However, in our current stressful, restricted situation with lots of folks out of work and getting restless, all bets are off.

Anyway, I had not spent a night away from home since last August 21st, so I was desperate to do so! :o Just coming out of winter and entering the time when I like to do road trips, along comes the COVID-19 thing and pretty much messed with that. Part of the fun for me is staying at motels, going to restaurants, etc. That is not worth driving anywhere for right now, and is frowned upon, so it have to wait for awhile. But we can still go hiking and camping, so that's something.

I am a serious hermit, so this quarantine/isolation thing is old hat to me, as I spend almost all my time alone at home anyway, except when out shopping, going to a restaurant, or on road trips. In fact, in April I went six straight days without ever leaving my property, got as far as the mailbox and that was it! :o I'm sure that is a record for me, but eventually you have to make a beer run. :lol: These really are frustrating times.

I don't do much cooking anymore when camping, pretty much live out of the ice chest with lunch meats and cheese for a sandwich, plus snacks. So going through Globe I was checking out all the fast food drive thrus, thinking I'd get something to take up to the mountains. But the lines were long, so after gassing up the truck, I headed over to Miami to see if maybe Guayo's El Rey was open for takeout. They were and without a line. Yay! :D I pulled up behind a vehicle that had a HAZ sticker, so thought I would say hello to whoever it was. The restaurant was letting folks in one at a time to place an order at a table that was set up near the entrance. Then you go back outside and wait for your food. Well, out came a fellow that looked familiar, but I didn't remember his name. Turns out it was Jason (jtaylor), who I met at the parking area by Ferndell Spring during fall color season 7 years ago. He said he had been hiking up in the Pinal Mountains with PrestonSands, and stopped to get some food to go for the family back in Gilbert. Out of the blue chance encounters like that are kind of fun. :)

Now that I had some good food for the camp, I was on my way! As I neared the recreation areas near the bridge over the Salt River, I could see there were plenty of folks out playing in the water, just what you expect on a very warm day. There were quite a few cars parked on the north side of the bridge, and I looked down and several families were having a party/picnic. In fact, they had a shade canopy set up with their chairs and table in the river, while the kids splashed merrily about! :lol: It was busy on the highway driving up. When I turned onto the Workman Creek Road, there were lots of folks along the road up to around the Elks Camp, some fishing. This was starting to get me worried about finding a camp spot, and even tough my goal was above falls, there aren't many spots available there. Next was the first day use area. Wow, it was jammed full of people and vehicles like I had never seen before! At this point I was really questioning my decision to camp here. :sweat: I fully expected to see crowds at the next site, but there was nobody there (shocked). There was only one car at Falls CG, so I started feeling better. Above the falls my favorite spot was unoccupied, but I drove on up to Aztec Peak to look around. Nobody there, and the only campers I saw were in the more open group area off the north side of the road. Okay, great. I went back down to the spot I like and set up. It turned out to be a nice quiet night, though with the breeziness it was a bit chilly. Down to 53 degrees at 9 PM, and the morning low was 42. Saw the StarLink train of satellites through the trees, which was interesting.

Plan for Monday was to drive over to Roosevelt Dam for some photos of the nearly full lake, then on up to Jakes Corner to hit the Beeline Highway. Then south to Bush Highway and into Apache Junction on Usery Pass then on to the 202 down to I-10 and home. Worked like a charm. The Beeline is such an awesome scenic drive, especially southbound. The scenery is fantastic along the Bush Highway too. And it was packed with people out along the Salt River below the dam.

I really enjoyed my most needed, though brief, trip away from home, in country dear to my heart. :D
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