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Workman Creek Ruins, AZ
mini location map2012-12-02
11 by photographer avatarJohnnie
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Workman Creek Ruins, AZ 
Workman Creek Ruins, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 02 2012
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Greg and I made another attempt for V163 ruins a little known ruin in the sierra anchas, after another failed attempt we decided to salvage the day by visiting the Workman Creek ruins. After visiting almost all the ruins in the Sierra Anchas we had never gone to the Workman Creek ruins. This is ironic because it is probably the ruin that most people should visit first. its easy to find right by Workman creek falls. I have to admit although the climb is short its pretty steep. We were running late on light so we were in a speed scramble to get up before dark. I arrived at the ruin just as the sun was falling behind the mountain and with only a few minutes to take some pictures with a unique light shining from half behind a mountain I ran back and forth like a crazy man trying to get some pictures in the weird light. I captured a few and then slowed down after the sun went behind the mountain and snapped a few more. the ruin is certainly worth going to and like all ruins in the sierra anchas they are a little different than all the others. these seems to have had heavily plastered walls and although not the only ruin with plastered walls it seemed to be heavier than anything I had seen before. Oh yea I almost forgot I proclaimed the Nordoff Hope ruins to have the best views in the Sierra Anchas but now I have to ammend that the Workman Creek Ruins are now officially 1st place as far as views go. One more thing I forgot when Greg and I were driving up towards the Billy Lawrence trail head we got to see a Coati , he didnt seem to be as big as ones I had seen before so I think he was probably a yearling. his coat also seemed to be really dark (almost black) He was probably at about 7000 feet, seems a little high and a little far north for a coati but I guess the warm weather has something to do with that
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